This is the Sign to Quit your Job

Working every day is tiresome. Sometimes, it would lead a person to think too much. They end up with the ideas that they want to leave their workplace, to stop from working or even to look for another job. There are many reasons that cause them to think like this.

Even I act this way sometimes.
But do you feel when it will be the right time to quit your job?

Resigning or quitting a job is never been easy. Nowadays, looking for a job is quite very tough to everybody. Philippines who has 7.3 percent as the highest unemployment rate among its ASEAN nationals only proves the difficulty of unemployment in our country. Of course, I know you don’t want to be one of them.

According to career experts, before quitting a job you should have to consider new opportunities of job lined up. But if you experience the following signs in your workplace, then it’s the right time for you to seek a new position in other companies.

If you feel that your daily life is miserable, prepare your plan to start looking for another journey. If you are unhappy with your job and feels tardiness in the morning before entering your work, it is really the defined time. According to Susan Health field, the guide to Human Resources for, ‘’Hating your job can lead to a stress that affects the family relationship, your health, and your entire outlook”.  Forcing yourself to do the things you don’t want will eventually kill you.

It will really take time for you to adjust to your new job but after a year of working and you notice that your job, the same through with your boss and co-employees does not actually fit you, it might be your time to leave. It’s not about gathering friends but looking for a mentor whom will able to help you grow and productive.

Our health is very much important. Job stress can contribute to sickness. “Chronic job strain can put both your physical and emotional health at risk,” according to Paul J. Rosch, MD, the president of the American Institute of Stress, so to avoid from getting this kind of problem, choose to be happy, quit from all the roots of your unhappiness.

Another reason is the salary. If you wish to get six figures of salary in a month that your company can’t give you where you believe you are excelling and doing your part but still they are giving you low pay then depart. Look for another company that will value you more.

It’s all about discretion.  If you feel stagnant and not productive in your work because you feel boredom at all times, if you feel that your boss is abusive, terrible and demanding, if your skills are no longer in used because you are over qualified for your position, if your company has no future because for the succeeding years, they may be bankrupt and if a greener pasture knocks on your door then take it. Do not waste your time, grab it while the iron is hot. Do actions which you believe it will lead you to happier, simple but contented lifestyle.

source: GMA News

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