New Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance Can NOW Use in Any Transaction!

The new featured National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance has been released and is now “multi-purpose” since we can use it for any transaction here in the Philippines if required, as well as in abroad.

The said clearance is amounting to Php115 per copy and was started to release in public by the NBI office last October 2. This clearance can be utilized in a job application, gun licensing, acquiring a visa and for travel abroad.

According to Atty. Dante Gierran, the current NBI Director of the Philippines, this action was taken to address the mandate of our Pres. Duterte in simplifying the transactions in the government. As we all know, in our every transaction to NBI before in applying for clearance, we are only allow to put one purpose in every clearance and it’s really irritating because we can’t longer use it to extra transaction in other agencies but now through this response, it will lessen the hassle in our part as client. We can save more money, effort, and time in only one transaction in the said bureau.

The multi-purpose clearance has a validity of one year and you can renew it once you reach its expiration date. One thing more, if the person was hit or has the same name in the records of the National Bureau of Investigation who has a criminal record, the processing of his clearance is now easier and convenient since he only needs to appear once in the NBI office to clarify the issue without any charges.  According to Att. Yap in an interview, the first thing to do if you encounter a problem like this is you need to know the case. During the interview, it will be determined if indeed it was you. If there is a doubt, you will need to secure then a clearance from the court to prove that it was not you.

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