7-Year-Old Kid earned $11 Million just by making videos on Youtube

Youtube has been a great help to all of us; having its variety of roles which gives us benefits such as: entertainment, stress reliever, tutorials and many more! Now, we come down to one of the important assets of life: Business.

As we all know, Youtube can be a source of income which before was just made for fun and entertainment. Now, countless Vloggers are being known for their channels and one of them is our focus for this section. The kid who has made Millions of Dollars by making Toy Reviews: Ryan Toys Review.

Image: Ryan ToysReview

Ryan was just a fan of Toy Review channels before, but now, he owns his own channel together with his parents which went viral at one time. He, together with his Mom and Dad, started his own channel when he was three. Out of curiosity and fandom towards Toy reviews, he built his own thing.

They started filming on March 2015 where they bought a toy from a store, took it home and then played with it while having the camera rolling and then they posted the video on the internet. As of today, that same video already has over 30 million views. That same year, on July, they posted a video with Disney's Cars theme and it went viral.

Image: Ryan ToysReview

The channel gained an immense number of subscribers and is now reaching 11 Million. These subscribers alone, can guarantee them a Million views a month! What more with the other views and advertisements?

Ryan even placed into Forbe's annual list of highest-earning Youtube celebrities.

During their first videos, the only people featured in the video are Ryan and his Dad, leaving Mommy behind the camera. In the year 2016, she finally joins the frame together with two more additional members in their family. They are the twins Emma and Kate.

Image: Ryan ToysReview

Later on, they created another channel focusing on their adventures as a family. They named it: Ryan's Family Review. It features the growth of the twins from their first steps along with their first actions. Their fans rejoiced!

Ryan and his family generated around $11 Million pretax, according to elite readers, and this is only for the year 2017 alone.

source: Rachfeed
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How To Get A Digitized Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID?

In Philippines, the government and other private sectors are getting strict in their implementations. Sometimes, there are transactions we made between their offices that we need to present our valid identification card. When we also open or create a bank account, valid ID is also a requirement. When we go to remittance centers to receive money or any consignment from our love ones in other areas, they asked again for a valid identification card.

But what if the person is not employed and doesn’t even have driver’s license, passport or any other type of valid IDs, of course, it is a big problem to them.

The good thing is that the government started to issue the Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) Card to be used in any government transactions in the country including private transactions. For those who have already Tin no. but has no Tin No. Card could avail of this. Just take note that having more than one Tin No. is not allowed because you can be charged criminally.

This initiative is under the Executive Order 98 where a person could apply in their Revenue District Office which has jurisdiction over their location. The said identification card has no expiration date and free for the public.


The following are needed when you apply for a digitized TIN ID.
  • Copy of your NSO Birth Certificate
  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, SSS, Passport, COMELEC ID)

Steps on How to Apply:

  • Go to nearest BIR office with the jurisdiction of the place where you work/reside.
  • Ask for a TIN Application form. You will need BIR Form 1904 for EO 98.
  • Fill out the form and submit to the counter along with your proof of identification.
  • Receive your Tax Identification Number.
  • Request for a BIR ID which you are entitled to under E0 98.
The processing of TIN No. Card could take only less than hour, but for busy BIR offices, you may have to come back in another day to claim your ID.
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POEA Job Hiring: 100 Electrician Needs in UAE

Are you a tradesperson who has a specialization in electrical wiring? A job hunter who seek a future abroad, then this opportunity is for you.

The agency of FILhigh-gns Inc. (formerly Fil-high International Manpower Incorporation) is currently looking for active 100 Electrical Wiring General who will be based in United Arab Emirates. This advisory was opened to the public last December 5, 2017, by the Philippine Overseas Employment.

This job offered is specialized in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment. In addition, they are to read blueprints or technical diagrams, install and maintain wiring, control and lighting systems, inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers. Being an electrician, you must be expected to be good in lighting, wiring, alarm systems, fire prevention systems, and electrical maintenance, risk assessment and has a strong written and verbal communication.

Aency Profile
  • FILHIGH-GNS INC (formerly Fil-high International Manpower Incorporation)
  • Tel No/s : 2438288 
  • Email Address : leila_filhigh.process@hotmail.com
  • Website : www.filhighgns.com.ph
  • Official Representative : ALMARIO P. DE LEON
  • Status : Valid License
  • License Validity : 5/7/2017 to 5/6/2021

If you want to verify this job, we have a tutorial on "How To Check a POEA Job Order".

General Reminder: Apply directly to this agency and don't leave your personal details in the comment section.

Note: This blog is not connected to these agencies or in POEA, all of the information above is gathered and verified in POEA website. If you want to check this jobs, we have a tutorial on how to check a POEA jobs.
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HIRING: 320 Machinists In Japan (POEA Job Order)

Good news for everyone. Are you a job hunter who wishes to work in abroad? It is now your chance to apply as a machinist in Japan under the White Dove Recruitment Corporation.

As it was approved by the POEA last December 1, 2017, the agency of White Dove Recruitment Corporation is hiring 320 machinists who will be employed in Japan.

Some of the basic job descriptions of being a machinist is setting and operating a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments. They are also responsible in fabricating and modifying the parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain industrial machines, applying the knowledge of mechanics,  shop mathematics, metal properties, lay outing and machining procedures.

If you are interested in this job,  you can visit their office at the address given below or you can contact them for more details.

  • White Dove Recruitment Corporation
  • Lot 7-14 Block 37 Madison South,  Brgy. Batino Calamba City,  Laguna
  • Tel No/s: (049) 5301005 / (049) 5301182 / 09217345076
  • Email Add:whitedoverecruitment@yahoo.com
  • Website: www.whitedove.ph.com
  • Official Representative: Warren Fa
  • Status: Valid License
  • License Validity: 11/4/2016 to 11/3/2020

If you want to verify this job, we have a tutorial on "How To Check a POEA Job Order".

General Reminder: Apply directly to this agency and don't leave your personal details in the comment section.

Note: This blog is not connected to these agencies or in POEA, all of the information above is gathered and verified in POEA website. If you want to check this jobs, we have a tutorial on how to check a POEA jobs.

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POEA Job: Farm Cultivator In Japan

Are you of the job seekers who have an experience as a farm cultivator and wants to work abroad? Make a great future with Prudential Employment Agency Inc. as they will take you to your dream.

As of today, the country of Japan is looking for almost 267 workers in the farming industry as they want their country’s agriculture also boomed. As we all know, Japan is a great producer and inventor of high technologies so, through farming, they could use those inventions in order to put up more projects and explore also the sector of agri-business.  The Prudential Employment Agency Inc., under POEA, will be your way to be one of the futures and lucky farmer who will be deployed in Japan.

The following are the qualifications that must be obtained by the applicant.
  • 22-23 years of age (standard)
  •  At least High School graduate
  •  Presently engaged in farming
  • Has no tattoo
  • Holder of valid passport
  • At least 5’3 or 160cm in height

The following documentary requirements should be submitted upon application.
  • Updated resume
  • Passport (photocopy and original). If not available, present DFA receipt or delivery receipt issued by courier. 
  •  Latest PSA Birth Certificate (Photocopy and Original)Formerly known as NSO
  •  Local Civil Registrar Copy- Form 1A or 102 (Photocopy and Original)
  • Latest PSA Married Certificate (if married)- (Photocopy and Original)
  • 6 pcs latest 2x2 ID Pics (with white background in formal attire)
  • Latest NBI for travel abroad (color green)
  • High school/College diploma (Photocopy)
  • PEOS Certificate (Visit Prudential Employment Agency Inc. Facebook page for instructions)
  • One (1) Long brown expanding envelope
Screengrabbed in POEA Website

Please be guided by the following information before applying. Feel free to contact them or directly visit their office with your complete requirements.

  • Tel. No/s: 8711625/4032823/09178563871
  • Email address: info@prudentialemployment.com
  • Official Representative: MARIA GINA G. FUJIMOTO
  • Status: Valid License
  • License Validity: 8/15/2014 to 8/14/2018

General Reminder: Apply directly to this agency and don't leave your personal details in the comment section.

Note: This blog is not connected to these agencies or in POEA, all of the information above is gathered and verified in POEA website. If you want to check this jobs, we have a tutorial on how to check a POEA jobs.
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TIPS: Make Extra Money During Weekends

Making money is not easy especially when you need most. There are moments that we have a shortage of financial even if we have stable jobs. This forces us to work even on weekends which is supposed to be our rest time.

Nonetheless, if you are really determined to work for money in order to have at least extra income, you can do all the remedies you know to reach your financial goals.
Here are some of the businesses you can establish during weekends for your extra living.

1.    Put up a garage sale

Collect all the items in your house which you believe are not needed anymore but still usable for others. This could be clothes, shoes, decorations, and much more. You can convert them into immediate cash by selling them to the public. Take note, all items you want to sell should be serviceable so that you can sell them up to 75% of their original price.

2.    Tutor students in summer classes

You can ask anyone in your neighborhoods if they are kids who are taking summer classes and needing a tutoring class. You can tell to their parents, showing your interest to help their child to learn and excel in the different subjects. Request to them at least a minimum for your hourly rate and also ask if how many sessions in a week so you could set your schedules and prepares your learning lessons.

3.    Babysit for Neighbors

Those charming kidos beside your vicinity could also be an absolute foundation of your weekend’s income. You can directly tell to any parents at your neighborhood’s playground that you are offering a babysitting service. They would be gladder if you ask them a favor to take care of their children with pay.

4.    Run errands for others

Supermarket run or grocery shopping for others is also in demand part time job today.  You can do the shopping of any goods for others with the complete checklist of supposed items to buy in exchange for money. You can also post to your social media accounts on what errands you can run for other people. Just see to it that you can do it on time.

source: Business News Philippines
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