5 Business with Php20,000 Capital in the Philippines

In putting up a business, the very first thing to consider is a capital last. If you wish to set up a business with a big profit, of course, you should invest also a big amount of money. But nowadays, entrepreneurs does no longer need hundreds of thousand, your Php 20,000 is enough to build up a small business that could produce a high income.

Here are some of the quick business your 20,000 pesos could take you:

Owning a sari-sari store 

Operating a sari-sari store is very common in Philippines. This is because anyone could put up a business like this. All just you need  is a small investment to buy those typical products or goods needed by the public and resell it to your store. It is not then necessary to lease any space because the front part of your house can be your selling area.

Online Retail Business 

Online Market/Selling is the trending way of business today. This kind of business is so much easy and flexible because sellers only need to post their items in the different social websites and mobile applications in order for the viewers to choose and order their products and services. Facebook, Lazada, Shoppee, and OLX are just some of those websites. All you need to do is to have an active account of the different online selling websites for you to monitor the queries of your viewers.

Photo Booth Services 

The Photo Booth Services or the taking of photographs and afterward develop/print it at the same time is a rare business in the Philippines but you can earn a high profit on it. In every occasion like wedding, birthdays, graduation day and many more, this business has a high demand. What you just need to prepare is your printer, a DSLR camera, screen monitor, your shop/booth and some other props that could help you in your business. The said equipment cost more than Php 20,000 on its actual price but in order for you to save money, you can buy the second-hand equipment or purchase it as a complete package to minimize spending too much.

Home-based food Business 

Filipinos are really fun of eating so let's divert your business in cooking different meriendas and menu. Try to promote the street foods like kuek-Kuek, fish ball, balot, barbecue and home made halo-halo. This is really awesome specially in large cities. You can also cool Adobo, fried chicken as the favorite viands of Pinoys and selling it to the public. You can put up your own minimize restaurant in front of your house.

Party Needs Business 

For this days, different parties in the Philippines are getting glamorous than before. By the use of creative stuffs, yummy delicacies, sweet cakes, and chocolate, as well as entertainers like clowns, a party can be more elegant. You should just be wise and impressive in organizing an event so that there will be another next time between you and your customer.

source: Business news

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