Top Filipino Jobs in Singapore

Singapore as one of the most prestigious country in the world today and believed to be one of the favorite country workplace of our Filipino workers is opening almost 6,000 job vacancies. These job positions include aircraft mechanics, automotive specialist, and for the industry of tourism and caregivers, said by the Philippines Ambassador to Singapore, Antonio Morales on September 22, 2017.

As of the survey, there are almost 180, 000 OFWs who are currently housing in Singapore at the present. The 60% of them were working in corporate and professional job level and 40% were also domestic workers.

Filipinos more likely to work in Singapore rather than in other countries because of the higher pay compared to other nations. Of course, if I would also be the one to work abroad, I’ll choose Singapore. Besides of the big compensation, it is also near in the Philippines. If ever I feel homesick and wants to visit my love ones, it will only take 3-5 hours travel to flight back in our country.

As of the moment, Singapore prioritizing more Filipino workers to work in their place because as we all know, we, Filipinos are hardworking and hospitable so it is now a big chance for everybody. Some of the available jobs also included

  • domestic helper
  • household work service
  • assistant nurse
  • registered nurse
  • nurse staff
  • foreign domestic worker
  •  aide nursing,
  •  aircraft avionic,
  • retail executive,
  •  ground equipment operator
  •  aircraft planner
  • aircraft technician (cabin technician, junior technician and engine technician)

There are also other jobs not included in the list but for now start to make your first step in applying for all job listed. Select the job which suits you. Apply now through the POEA website, and call your employer as soon as possible. Always remember opportunity knocks only one and consider that world today is a world of competition so make sure that your name is on the list.

source: Efrennolasco

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