Transit Lounge at NAIA: You can Rest While Waiting for Flight

For all OFWs and travelers, this is now the answer for your exhausted travel. You don’t need now to worry about your accommodation upon arrival in the Philippines. An affordable, cozy and awesome lounge accommodation is waiting for you.

The NAIA Terminal opened a transit lounge where they called “The Wings Transit Lounge” right inside the airport that can accommodate up to 100 passengers every day. Its location is at NAIA Terminal, 4th Level of the Mall Area.

The lounge has stretchable seats where they could be also turned into flat beds. You can lie down in these seats to ease the pain you have in your body especially at your back from the uncomfortable seating of your long travel. The Wing Transit Lounge also offers foot scrub, manicure, and pedicure while seating and having your rest. The sleeping lounge cost P500 for 5 hours, P700 for 7 hours and additional P600 if you want to have foot spa, P300 for manicure and P300 for pedicure. For foot spa with manicure and pedicure, it also cost P1000.

The types of room are available for single person, duos and for family good for 4 people. The single or capsule type cost P1000 for 7 and half hours. Each of this room has a sliding shade which can be adjusted if you need some light or not even. It also equipped with a security box and reading lamp where you can totally rest. The twin type of room also cost P1800 for 7 and half hours. This is an ideal room where two persons can stay together but if you are 3 in a group and wants to avail this room, then charges may apply for the 3rd person except for 3 feet and below (it’s already free of charge).  For the family type, the room fee is P3200 for the same duration of time and the 5th person who wants to stay may also be charge (3 ft. and below are free of charge).

The Wing Lounge is also offering massage service for all interested passengers. We all know that massage therapy is good for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension so if you want to have a complete relaxation you can reward yourself with their package. The Wings Massage rates are P650 good for 60 minutes, P550 for 50 minutes and P350 for 30 minutes.

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