OFW MUST READ: Things That Should Prepare Before Going Home

The life of being an OFW is not that so easy. The scenario that you are far from your family is like the feeling that you are in the outside world. As a parent, you need to sacrifice more for your family. You need to look for a job where it can sustain their needs and save big earnings for your children’s future but from your first day abroad, you need to already strictly set your plan if when will you turn back in the Philippines and how long will you stay in your workplace?

As stated by a successful businessman who is a 0FW before, ‘’It is a long range plan so OFWs must have their own plan too. And the plan must start with increase capacity to reduce expenses by himself at the job site and his family, they augment with increased effort to save monthly’’. This is the one reason why most OFW fail. They thought that working in abroad is everlasting so they really enjoy the benefits of earning. Later when they realize this fact, they are out of time to catch up. They ended up going home without savings, money or any. Before thinking of going home in your country, you must consider a lot of things.

When you realize that it is now your perfect time to leave your work abroad, make sure that you already have enough money for your daily life in your country with your family. You must be practical in all aspects thinking that you would not want to go home with a budget that will last for only a month. Make sure that you can continue to support and provide the needs of those people who depend on you. Try to consider for any alternative business or job in your country. You need to take a rest after years of tiring work abroad buy o need to have a continuous source of income for your family.

As your time goes by working in another country, you also need to apply for any medical or health insurance where you can cover your family as your beneficiaries. Even though you can’t use it abroad but time will come, you and your family will be benefited to them in the future. It will help you to lessen your expenses, also try to apply to other insurance that will really help you a lot in time of emergency.

Think wise and more than twice. The hard life of being an Overseas Filipino Worker is really aching. They left their family in the Philippines, let their children grew up without their proper guidance and protection. They choose to embrace to work alone and depart from their love ones so as an OFW, you should be vigilant in planning and saving your earnings. Soon, you will come back to your original life you left in the Philippines without anything that will bother you. There are no regretful things to ponder of because you believe that you had made the best and right decisions.

source: jbsolis

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