BPO Automation will Open 700,000 Jobs to High-Skilled Workers

The new automated system in business process outsourcing industry will open almost 700,000 new job opportunities to our high-skilled Filipino workers but unfortunately may eliminate 40,000 jobs for low-skilled workers including receptionist and clerks in the country.

According to the Director of IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines, Alex Tined, their committee needs to teach the workers new jobs. The challenge now is to make sure to have enough manpower to do the mid and high-skill jobs. In order for this plan to pursue, the BPO will open thousands of jobs sooner to establish high-skilled workers.

Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines’s Chairman Lito Tayag accepted the new challenges set forth by automation and the effort that may affect workers on the new set of skills specifically the use of cloud, analytic and mobile application.
focal goal of the ‘’ASEAN Community in 2015’’ which the ASEAN Country Regions has convened to form last 2007.

‘’We are working closely with Industry, Academe, and Government in terms of preparing our skill or pool of talent for the next set of skill,’’ Tayag said to ANC.
For the present days, the BPO industry is one of the highest producers of jobs in the Philippines. Their operation is nearly 15 years where they earned their reputation and gained as the leading provider of outsourced service. Meanwhile, their industry is expecting to have 1.8M employees by 2022 from 1.14M workers today. They also aim to reach the $40B target in annual revenues by 2022.
focal goal of the ‘’ASEAN Community in 2015’’ which the ASEAN Country Regions has convened to form last 2007.

’We have articulated this in our Roadmap 2022 that we want to bring this industry to 1.8M people in 6 years, making us one of the biggest job suppliers in the country together with other multiplier effect in real estate, transportation, and food,’’ Tayag said.

During the previous years, the BPO industry added a high impact to the economy thru the dollars that enter the Philippines because of the different businesses involving BPO.  Currently, our country ranks as the 3rd top BPO destination worldwide.

source: businessnews.com.ph

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