Single Parent: How To File a Child Support in the Philippines?

Filipino women are known for their being modest because of the practices and cultures of our country that mold and defined them. As years passed by, modernization has evolved that changed lives of people. Those cultures and tradition then that we inherited to our pedigrees were forgotten. Issues about pre-marital sex that leads to the early pregnancy of women are very rampant in the society. The worst, their partners neglected them and let them suffer in the end.

On his generation, getting involved in separation that ended in being a single parent especially for women is no longer new or surprising to everybody. Single mothers who are the common victims are the ones that experience the hardship to take good care of their children in order to give them a brighter future. But being a mother as well as a father is not an easy role. For this days, the status of being jobless has nearly similarities with the status of having a job because of our poor economy. However, for you to maintain an adequate financial support to your children, you can make a move to demand child’s support from your ex-spouse or ex-partner. 

As stated in the Family Code of the Philippines, “When one of the spouses neglects his/her duties to the conjugal union or commit acts which tend to danger, dishonor or injury to the other or to the family, the aggrieved party may apply to the court for relief.” The act also included the economic abuse in which you may file for your child support and whoever breaks this law will be penalized accordingly.

All you need to do before taking any steps is to prepare for everything. Of course, once you file in court regarding your concern, you need to prepare fund for court fees. Not all who ask for support can pay the fees, however, if you really don’t have the money, the government will provide one of your counsel that belongs to the Public Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice or the Department of Social Welfare and Development, depending on the case. The protection order is issued by the court and in some cases, this is the privilege given to the aggrieved party to protect them.

The Regional Trial Court who has also the function to be the family court will hear and decide the case. The mother’s child will be the one who will file for his child’s support and as stated in the law, 7 years of age should be under the custody of their mother.

Once the court will grant the demand for the support of the child from his father, it is then the responsibility of the latter to abide by rules of law. Support is applied for legitimate and even illegitimate children by fathers depending on their capacity to provide. According to the law, “support comprises everything indispensable for sustenance, dwelling, clothing, medical attendance, education, and transportation, in keeping with the financial capacity of the family.” So as a parent, you should not be obliged or forced to support your children but you should be full-time to give them the support, love, and care they need.

Even separation is the gap between the mother and father, this would not be the hindrance for each of the parents to provide the attention and support needed by their children.

source: JBsolis

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