How To Start A Lugaw Business In The Philippines?

"Lugaw" which is a popular mirienda for all seasons is very known to every Filipinos because of its simply but very delicious taste.  This type of food is so easy to prepare and only requires rice,  water and salt.  But never estimate the Lugaw power because whenever you upgraded its recipe, by simply adding some pork,  chicken or onion flakes,  you can now start your own business by selling it to the public.

Its easy to make profit as long as you are sincere to start it. Lugaw's recipe is too simple and easy so in order to establish your small "Lugawan", all you need is a capital of only 10,000 pesos.

  Here are the simple procedures to build your own fast food of Lugawan.

1. First and foremost, you should study and make your unique recipe.

 We know that lugaw is a common food to everybody, its recipes are so easy to produce but try to think of another version of your lugaw that could attract your customers. You could ask your mom, grandmom,  friends and relatives if they had their special piece of recipe and procedures on how to cook lugaw.  Their version might be what you are looking for in order your business to prosper.

You can also search the web for the different styles of cooking lugaw.  You might get additional ideas.

 2. Choose the best site of your location 

If the location of your house is visible and accessible to many people, you can use it as the venue for your business. Your relatives, neighbors, and friends will be your first customers.

You can also put up your lugawan in the places where people would usually go like parks, schools,  markets and if you afford to occupy a booth or stole in mall,  you could do so.

3. Lastly,  acquire your business registration and other legal matters 

 In every business, whether big or small, it is important for the owner to get first the permit from your municipality or barangay and other legal matters that are needed to pay.  Since you are to handle food, health and sanitation permit is also required.

All these are what you need to start your lugaw business.
Always remember that being a businessman, you should be wise and vigilant in handling your business to attain the best service you will give to your customers. Wear your sweetest smile all the time.

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