How To Get A Digitized Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID?

In Philippines, the government and other private sectors are getting strict in their implementations. Sometimes, there are transactions we made between their offices that we need to present our valid identification card. When we also open or create a bank account, valid ID is also a requirement. When we go to remittance centers to receive money or any consignment from our love ones in other areas, they asked again for a valid identification card.

But what if the person is not employed and doesn’t even have driver’s license, passport or any other type of valid IDs, of course, it is a big problem to them.

The good thing is that the government started to issue the Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) Card to be used in any government transactions in the country including private transactions. For those who have already Tin no. but has no Tin No. Card could avail of this. Just take note that having more than one Tin No. is not allowed because you can be charged criminally.

This initiative is under the Executive Order 98 where a person could apply in their Revenue District Office which has jurisdiction over their location. The said identification card has no expiration date and free for the public.


The following are needed when you apply for a digitized TIN ID.
  • Copy of your NSO Birth Certificate
  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, SSS, Passport, COMELEC ID)

Steps on How to Apply:

  • Go to nearest BIR office with the jurisdiction of the place where you work/reside.
  • Ask for a TIN Application form. You will need BIR Form 1904 for EO 98.
  • Fill out the form and submit to the counter along with your proof of identification.
  • Receive your Tax Identification Number.
  • Request for a BIR ID which you are entitled to under E0 98.
The processing of TIN No. Card could take only less than hour, but for busy BIR offices, you may have to come back in another day to claim your ID.

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