TIPS: Make Extra Money During Weekends

Making money is not easy especially when you need most. There are moments that we have a shortage of financial even if we have stable jobs. This forces us to work even on weekends which is supposed to be our rest time.

Nonetheless, if you are really determined to work for money in order to have at least extra income, you can do all the remedies you know to reach your financial goals.
Here are some of the businesses you can establish during weekends for your extra living.

1.    Put up a garage sale

Collect all the items in your house which you believe are not needed anymore but still usable for others. This could be clothes, shoes, decorations, and much more. You can convert them into immediate cash by selling them to the public. Take note, all items you want to sell should be serviceable so that you can sell them up to 75% of their original price.

2.    Tutor students in summer classes

You can ask anyone in your neighborhoods if they are kids who are taking summer classes and needing a tutoring class. You can tell to their parents, showing your interest to help their child to learn and excel in the different subjects. Request to them at least a minimum for your hourly rate and also ask if how many sessions in a week so you could set your schedules and prepares your learning lessons.

3.    Babysit for Neighbors

Those charming kidos beside your vicinity could also be an absolute foundation of your weekend’s income. You can directly tell to any parents at your neighborhood’s playground that you are offering a babysitting service. They would be gladder if you ask them a favor to take care of their children with pay.

4.    Run errands for others

Supermarket run or grocery shopping for others is also in demand part time job today.  You can do the shopping of any goods for others with the complete checklist of supposed items to buy in exchange for money. You can also post to your social media accounts on what errands you can run for other people. Just see to it that you can do it on time.

source: Business News Philippines

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