New Philippine Postal ID: Requirements and Guidelines

Why is there a new Postal ID when we already have one?
The reason why the Philippine Government issued another version of Postal IDs is because the old version is just a paper laminated which can easily be falsified and duplicated. As we all know, Postal ID is something that proves our identity and residency so it contains private information. With this as a problem of breach of copyright, we strongly suggest that you update your Postal ID to a newer version.

The features of this new and improved Postal ID are as follows:

  • Digital fingerprints capture, photo, signature and personal information
  • Quick Response (QR) code is printed on the card (Can verify the identity of the owner using smart phone apps)

Below are the requirements for the new version of Postal ID in the Philippines:

  • Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO or Local Civil Registrar
  • Proof of Address
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Utility Bills (Electric Bill, Water Bill, Statement of Bank account)

For Married Women

  • -Marriage Certificate to verify the changed name status

For Minors

  • -Must be accompanied by their parents or guardians

How to acquire the New Postal ID?

-Ready the required documents mentioned above
-Fill up the downloadable Postal ID application form
-Once the documents are fully checked, you may already proceed to the nearest Postal ID capturing station nationwide to register your fingerprint and for the picture taking.

How much does the new Postal ID costs?

An Application form will be given to you once you finished applying for the new Postal ID.
Note: Fill up the form extra carefully and correctly

Postal ID Card + Delivery Fee costs P450.00
12% VAT ~ P54.44
Total Payment = P504.44

How long does it take for the Postal IDs to be delivered?

5 Working days for the areas within Metro Manila Address
7 Working days for other major cities
15 Working days for the remote areas and island provinces

Unless it expires, your old Postal Id is still valid and operational. Let others know about this new Version of Postal ID by sharing this issue to them.

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