Japan is in need of Housekeepers with 70,000 Monthly Salaries

We all know that Japan is a very busy country, thus, people residing there, don’t have time to even look after their homes or do household chores. For that reason, Japan, now, is currently looking for Filipino Housekeepers. Nevertheless, it is not just any ordinary housekeepers, instead, a professional one with a monthly salary of more than P70,000. Just to clarify things, according to PASONA, Japanese housekeeping jobs are different compared to those domestic helper jobs in Hong Kong and Singapore. The reason is because housekeepers in Japan will not be stay-in rather, they will stay in one apartment, share same room and toilet with other workers.

We want to emphasize that Japan is looking for “professional housekeepers” and according to Marlon Rono, president of Magsaysay Global Services, in order to be one, you need to undergo 400 hours or two months of training. The training includes language training and training on practical housekeeping chores like on how to operate Japanese appliances, etc.

Rono stated that if housekeepers aim to be successful in their job in Japan, it is important to keep in mind that they should be conscious or knowledgeable about their language and they must be able to understand the culture and practices of the Japanese people.

There are a lot of job opportunities in Japan right now because of its aging population, aside from housekeeping. This is in accordance to PASONA group Inc. Japanese partner of Magsaysay. Employees are in demand in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments.

To those who want to be a housekeeper in Japan:
  • There are no placement fees
  • Free trainings and language classes (includes the training of operation of Japanese Appliances and Japanese Culture)
  • 8 hour session everyday
  • Day off and Vacation grants

Employees have to work 8 hours a day, and every day, they will have different employers. They are also entitled to have a day off and vacation leave. No placements fees for the job and the training and the language classes are for free.


  • Female
  • At least 1 year working experience as Household Worker/ Domestic Helper
  • 28-45 years old ONLY
  • Preferably with NC II from TESDA (Household Services or Domestic Work)

How to Apply as Housekeepers in Japan?

1. Create an account in www.magsaysaycareers.com
2. Walk-in to their office at Ground Flr., G. Antonino Bldg. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila
3. Wear business attire and bring your updated resume.

For more details, please send inquiry to mgsi_recruitment@magsaysay.com.ph.

PASONA added that they are now hiring the next set of batch and a thousand housekeepers are needed for the next three years. The first batch of Filipino Housekeepers is leaving this month.

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  1. Isn't there any job offer for men , near 50's but in a very good shape to work. And had a long experience abroad with housekeeping. Or any other Japan offered job? Thank you

  2. I was once an entertainer in Japan, i am already 50 years old and i can speak nihongo...is there any chance that i can work as a housekeeper?

    1. visit us at www.donhang.vn for vietnam labour market

  3. Im 44yrs old...
    U dont have any experience as domestic helper..but i do all kinds of households work..my past wirk is a laundryrer at my own laundryshop..but its already closed..so i do ironing ,washing and even child care because i have 5 kids..

  4. Hi sir/madam,im 33,just ask what if i dont have any experience about household keeping and not ex abroad can i apply already for the position??

  5. Hi sir/ma'am, i am already 48 years old and have no experience yet in working abroad. But aside from a working mom as a midwife, i do all kind of household works at home. I am very much willing to be a part of your workers there. Can i still have a chance to apply for that position?

  6. Hi maam,sir.im a ex abroad..im housemaid 8 years part of medle east..can i apply housekeeper...

  7. Hi ma'am..I'm a ex abroad in south Korea a factory worker for 12 years...I work also in Hong Kong as a domestic helper but sadly to say I did not finish my contract because I need to have an emergency exit for my fiancee for he is in emergency condition...I'm 41 years old & willing to work as a housekeeper..

  8. Good afternoon maam/sir
    I'm 46 yrs old working hear house cleaner in Middle East can i apply as housekeeping
    5hank you very much

  9. Hi i am conchita shoji and i want to avail the free training for housekeeping to japan. I have knowledge in nihongo and i already gone in japan. I am interested pls reply

  10. Hi sir/ma'm i'm interested with the position,i'm 44 years old and have no experience as a domestic helper but i'm a full time mom and doing the household chores everyday. Willing to undergo training..,thanks

  11. Im former dh from middle east but my nc2 is expired already.how to apply.im willing to apply i hope you help me.tnx

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    SILAHKAN HUB DI NO: ((_085-222-489-867_))

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    benar-benar merasakan yang namanya kemenangan 4D
    dan alhamdulillah saya dpat Rp 250 juta dan semua ini
    berkat bantuan angka dari AKI RORO
    karena cuma Beliaulah yang memberikan angka
    ritual yg di jamin 100% tembus awal saya
    bergabung hanya memasang 100 ribu karna
    saya ngak terlalu percaya ternyatah benar-benar
    tembus dan kini saya ngak ragu-ragu lagi untuk memasang
    angka nya,,,,buat anda yg butuh angka yang di jamin tembus
    hubungi AKI RORO DI NO: ((_085-222-489-867_))
    insya allah beliu akan siap menbatu kesusahan anda
    ''kami sekeluarga tak lupa mengucapkan puji syukur kepada ALLAH S,W,T dan terima kasih banyak kepada AKI RORO

  13. Ohayo gosai masu I'm rose 41 yrs old ex abroad in middle East as household chores fir 6 yrs.and it's been years I worked as entertainer in Japan for 4years and my past work here in the Philippines is a launderer 2yrs.i have nc2 housekeeping and nc2 household cert. I'm much willing to apply a housekeeping chores..arigato gosaimasu

  14. Im 45 years old and i dont have any experience in housekeeping jobs, but im willing to learn and eager to work. Do i have the chance to be hired? Thank you and more power!

  15. Hi i’m 28 years old . No experiece as a house keeper but willing to learn .

  16. Hi sir/maam im flora v,herbito im already 50 but i have a long experience in housekeeping im working hotel for 14 yrs as a chambermaid i was hopping that you give consideration of my age hopefully you dont matter of age just matter my knowledge older employee is the best very responsible reliable and loyal you dont regret if you accept me im hard working and physically fit

  17. If you accept me just reached through my mobile number09359657128 thank you

  18. Hi. Sir/ma'am. I'm interested to work there... I finished my 3x contract in Taiwan for 8 years as factory worker. I am 39 years old.. I want to work in Japan. U can reach out me at 09997216929

  19. Hi ma'am/sir I am sending my interest in this housekeeping job in japan. No experience but willing to learn and I believe everything can be learn.

  20. Hi Sir/Ma'am i'm interested to work there.I'm 34 years old,but aside from working as single mom at EPSON PHILLIPPINES 15 years,I can do all kinds of household chores at home.I hope you can give me chance to work at japan. If you accept me just reached me through my mobile number 09055658937. Thank you and God Bless..

  21. hi mam/sir i'm interested to work housekeeping in japan .i'm 31 years old single mom.i hope a give me a chance to work at japan ..no experience but willing to learn house keeper my mobile number 09293647792..thank you and godbless

  22. Hi ma'am and sir,
    Im willing to work as housekeeper, i had experience as domestic helper in hongkong for 5years.
    I can do all household chores.
    Please contact me here cp#: 09396683834
    Thank you.

  23. hi sir/maam im rachel im 28 years old, i want job in japan im ex abroad i'm domestic helper her is my number:09550815585

  24. Im 22 years old and im willing to work and to train in Japan as hotel housekeeper. I am a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from Philippines.Heres my contact. 09553369654 . hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!

  25. I am interested to work as a housekeeper because that is my special skills being a cleaner...i have anc2 certificate feom tesda and experienced two years as a housekeeper in big resindence here in the philippines..
    Thank you..

  26. Hi, good day I'm willgine and Im fresh graduate of bachelor of science in tourism management.I am interested to work in Japan as a housekeeper.. I have no any experience in work but I willing to work as a housekeeper in japan...this is my contact number 09360398069..thanks

  27. Hi sir good day I'm looking for a new job. I'm a housekeeping lately Im related in this job. I want to work abroad can you help me how to apply abroad. I'm in coming 28.

  28. Hi! Im interested! how can i apply? i have nc2 already and i have experience as a helper for 7yrs.please please i want to apply!!

  29. Good afternoon.. Im a 51 yra old woman. Who is looking the opportunityto work as a housekeeper in japan. I can speak a little japanesse language. I worked in middle east for over ten years. And as of now im dreaming im working to serve the japanese people...

  30. Good day how can I apply as housekeeping please reply

  31. Hi , Good day,!
    I'm 48 yrs.old . I have 11 yrs.experienced as domestic helper in different countries from Kuwait,Dubai,Qatar ,Hongkong and now I'm currently working here in Saudi Arabia..
    I'm still looking a DH job in any countries except middle East.
    Hopefully to have this job as soon as possible.
    Thanks and GOD BLESS 🙏🙏🙏

  32. Hello ma'am /sir..Im interested to apply as a housekeeping i am 37 years old i have experience 5years housekeeping in kuwait i hope you see my comments here..Thank you have a good nice day