NBI Clearance Online: How to Apply?

NBI Clearance is one of the important document when you are applying for a job, going abroad (OFW/Tourist) or getting Visa. Learn how to apply for NBI Clearance Online.

Online Registration Vs. Old Registration

Old Registration have 6 steps: Fill-up Form > Data Check > Payment > Encoding > Data Entry > Photo & Fingerprint Capture > Clearance Printing.

while Online Registration has only 3 steps: Online Registration, Appointment and e-Payment > Photo & Fingerprint Capture > Clearance Printing.

The online registration is more faster than the old registration.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online?

1. Go to NBI official website clearance.nbi.gov.ph and fill out the form on the right side with your name, gender, civil status, birthday, valid email address and password.

2. Accept the "Terms of Services' and click Sign Up.

3. You will be redirect on a new form were you must fill out the application form completely, then click "Save Information" button.
4. After saving, the details you entered will be shown to you to review. If you found errors, you can simply click the "Edit Information". But if everything are correct, click on the "Apply for Clearance".

5. A pop up window will occur which asked you if what type of application you want. (NEW for new applicants and RENEW for those who have secured a 2014 NBI clearance certificates). If you choose NEW,  enter your presented ID (SSS/TIN) but if you choose RENEW, enter your NBI ID number found on your old NBI clearance certificate. Click the I Agree button. 

6. After clicking I Agree, you will be informed of an Important Reminder. Click "Okay".

7. You can now set an appointment to the NBI (Date, Time, NBI Centers). Choose the purpose of your NBI Clearance to calculate the payment.

8. Choose your payment option like Banks (Over the counter), Banks (Online), Mobile Payment and Bayad Center. Upon choosing and completing the payment details you will be notified of the following:

9.  Verify the status of your application by clicking on the "Transaction" button found at the left side of the panel. Check your email for payment confirmation or click on "Confirm Payment" which found at the Status column of the Transactions window.

10. You are now done and ready to appear on your preferred appointment schedule. Bring 2 valid ID’s and Printed NBI clearance application with reference code.

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  1. gumagana ba ung online application apra sa clearance.. bat ayaw skin kahit anung browser?

  2. pno po ba mag online.. pag kkuha.. ng NBI??