I Hate Zombies: Zombie apocalypse that drive you crazy!

Turbo Chilli has been developed a game called "I Hate Zombies". It's an another endless-zombie-driving game were you will need to drive your car in the hills of Los Angeles to New York and kill all the zombies with the help of cool vehicle and power-ups.

Over 100 zombies to squash with 21 awesome vehicles including construction vehicle, double decker bus and zombie killing machines.

I Hate Zombies feature:

  • Two intuitive control modes with touch and tilt options
  • Addictive dynamic gameplay, no two games the same.
  • Tonnes of Unlockable Cars to play, and master
  • Windscreen Wipers to clean off zombie splats
  • Collect Coins, buy cool cars and power-ups
  • Fluffy Dice & hot Hula Girls dash ornament
  • Drive your way to freedom from Los Angeles to New York
  • Swipe up to Jump obstacles and to collect free gold coins
  • Swipe down to target zombies and fall into hills for a speed rush.
  • Over 100 zombies to squash!
  • Lightning zappers to fry zombies!

Watch the trailer video of I Hate Zombies

The "I Hate Zombies' can download for free at Play Store and iTunes.

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