Brick Game Car Game: A game in Brick Game that can play now on trending gadgets

A Filipino game developer, Gawanimyd, remake the car game in Brick game, a popular game console in late 90's.

Marlon Myd (Gawanimyd) want to play the game on the trending gadgets right now so he make the Brick Game Car Game.

Brick Game Car Game is a game for Android and PC that challenged users to earn the highest score posible by tilting the Android phones or tablet to turn left or right the car. User can also speed up the car by tapping the device screen.

In PC version, the car can control by pressing A/D or Arrow Left/Right to turn left or right, Spacebar or Shift for turbo.

You can download the Brick Game Car Game for android or play it online, and share your score on their official facebook page.

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