Top 10 Best Mobile Brands in the Philippines

Mobile companies in the Philippines keep compete with each other to be the first on mobile market. Almost everyday there are new model of phones had launched by this companies. Mobile phone is the most effective method for communications like, sending text messages, making calls and stay connected on the worldwide via  internet. Even in entertainment mobile phone is the most popular via playing video games and other media application.

So now here is the list of the Top 10 Best Mobile Brands in the Philippines according on the votes of the Filipino Netizens nationwide in TheTopTens.

1.  MyPhone got 30% of total votes.

2.  Cherry Mobile got 13% of total votes.

3.   Nokia got 10% of total votes.

4.   iPhone got 9% of total votes.

5.   Samsung got 8% of total votes.

6.   LG got 6% of total votes.

7.  Sony got 5% of total votes.

8.   Lenovo got 4% of total votes.

9.   HTC got 4% of total votes.

10.  Starmobile got 3% of total votes. 

If you don't agree with the list you can vote here. 

Note: The rank will change without prior notice on the source!

Source: TheTopTens

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