Cherry Mobile November 2013 Pricelist

Cherry Mobile has released their christmass discounted phones("12 Cherrys of Christmas"). According to their flyers on their official website, promo period runs October 19 until December 31, 2013 only. So if you want a Cherry Mobile phones, buy now before the promo ends.

Since there are so many Cherry Mobile phones released, I've decided to divide it into four parts. Part 1 is the 12 Cherrys of Christmas, Part 2 for the smartphones, Part 3 for the Tablets and last the Part 4 for the older model.

Cherry Mobile Pricelist Part 1

 Snap Php 1,699

 Fusion Breeze Php 1,999 
 Amber Php 2,999 
 Superion Discover Php 3,999 
 Flare 2.0 Php 3,399 

 Skyfire 2.0 Php 5,999 
 Superion Odyssey Php 7,499 

 Omega XL Php 7,999
 Rave 2.0 Php 8,999 
 Cosmos X Php 9,999 

 W900 LTE Php 11,499 
 Cosmos Z Php 11,999 

Source: Cherry Mobile
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