Dress the Part To Get Hired

If you are looking for a new job, chances are, there is going to be a job interview involved. It is hard to judge a person simply on their resume. An interviewer, whether or not they realize it, will judge you on your appearance. Here are a few tips to look like the kind of person an employer would want to hire.

Research the company where you are going to be interviewing. Look on their website and social media accounts. You may even want to stop in and visit the business. Take a tour or if it is a retail shop or restaurant, come in as a customer and check the place out. Dress like other employees at that business. It is a sign that you would fit in, not just in dress, but that you would work well with others.

Dress like the boss. There is a saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  Don’t dress super formal if no one else at the company does. But if you see that employees are wearing business casual and the executives are wearing suits, wear a suit to your interview. It is a psychological cue that you are worthy of management’s attention.

Be well groomed. Get a good haircut to start. Don’t get it the day before or day of the interview, in case you aren’t completely happy with the cut. You can have time to get an an adjustment if need be.  If you are female, wear businesslike makeup. You can get good selection at ULTA Beauty online. If you are male, be sure any beard or mustache is trimmed and neat. 

Cover tattoos and piercings.  Your tattoos and piercings may be a part of your identity and a source of pride. Your prospective employers may not feel the same way. Take out the lip and nose rings for the day. Wear long sleeves if you have tattoos on your arms. If you get hired, you can let them get to know you and accept your personal set of style. 

Dress with respect for the person who is going to be doing the interview. If they hire you, then you will be representing their company every day.  Look like someone that they would be proud of calling their employee.

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