Kawasaki Barako II, 175 CC Motorcycle

Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation (KMPC) launched a motorcycle model which features a 175 CC Engine, the Barako II. There's a sun and three stars etched on the Gas Tank of the motor to mimic our national flag.

The Barako II is equipped with a Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release System (KACR) which enables the rider to kick-start the engine with relative ease. It is powered by a 175 cc single-cylinder air cooled engine, promising to be 15 % more powerful than its predecessor.

The four shock absorber of the Barako 2 is designed to handle heavy loads. It's dual seat is made by a polypropylene plastic.

Kawasaki Barako II Specs

Engine Type: 4-stroke, Single Overhead Camshaft, 1 cylinder
Displacement: 176.6 cm3
Compression Ratio: 9.3
Fuel System: Carburetor, MIKUNI, VM24
Cooling System : Air-cooled
Lubrication: Forced Lubrication (wet sump)
Starting: Barako II (F) - Kick/ Barako II (G) - Kick and Electric
Ignition System: DC-CDI
Max Power: 13.41/7,500 (HP/rpm)
Max Torque: 1.4/5,500 (Kgf.m/rpm)
Fuel Consumption: 57 Km / liter *

The Kawasaki Barako II sells at ₱ 77,400 (Kick Start) and ₱ 81,400 (Kick & Electric Start).

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