Things You Must Know about Yamaha Mio I 125 Blue Core Engine

The Yamaha Mio i 125 with Blue Core Engine is one of the latest model of the company in the Philippines. This new automatic motorcycle has more power and faster while consuming less fuel.

Meet the new Yamaha Mio i 125 with Blue Core Technology!

Mio i 125 features sharply edges M designs with stunning graphic stickers and an eye-friendly meter panel with Eco Lamp Indicator. A M-shape grabbed bar is also equipped on it, coupled with large capacity storage for tools, smart stand switch (it's a Safety feature of Yamaha that shut off the engine if the stand was enabled), and an anti-theft multi-function key.

As far as the engine concerned, the new model was equipped with 125 cc displacement, single cylinder, fuel injection system, and Blue Core technology -it can reduce friction and stabilize the temperature; complete with the racing technology of the DiASil cylinder and forged piston making it durable and lightweight. The fuel tank can carry up to 4.2 Liters.

The Yamaha Mio I 125 has an Suggested Retail Price of Php69,900. It is available in blue, yellow, magenta and black color variant in all Yamaha 3s shops nationwide. The automatic motorcycle can also get through installment plan.

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